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Third Millennium, Inc. (ThirdM) is a software application development consulting firm assisting companies of all sizes with designing, building, configuring, and deploying highly scalable enterprise systems. We assist businesses reach their full potential by providing customers with software architects, developers, and mentors. By augmenting development teams, IT shops, or remote teams we blend the best of traditional and agile methodologies to maximize our customer's existing assets and provide knowledge transfer of best practices and sound architectural guidance in the process.

At ThirdM, we help you meet your various technological challenges head-on. From enterprise application development support, to integration of new systems and platforms, to smaller jobs like validating outsourced code, our experience guides you through every step.

  • We offer exactly the level of service you need - from a quick technical boost or evaluation, to full enterprise software design, development and deployment.
  • We provide expertise on a broad spectrum of technologies. Microsoft technologies we specialize in include the latest versions of Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and .NET development. We also have experts in other technologies such as Oracle and Java.
  • We excel at knowledge transfer. By sharing information as we work alongside your team, we enable them to continue independent development on their own. Our projects continue to achieve business success long after we've completed our assignments.

Learn More about our various services or give us a call to discuss specifically how we can meet your current needs.

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SharePoint Consulting

From the planning and designing to implementing and managing, ThirdM is experienced with Microsoft SharePoint. If you are considering a new SharePoint installation, we can help you decide between the entry level version called SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) and the more advanced version of the product, SharePoint Server 2010 (SPS).

For more information about ThirdM's SharePoint solutions click here.