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Technology continues to be a key competitive advantage, not just within an IS department but throughout a company’s business processes. Since we formed in 1996, ThirdM has been committed to helping companies maximize their technological business advantage. Initially that aid took the form of high-quality computer training in web-based programming languages and technologies. We continued to evolve into software architecture consulting, and we now support companies throughout the entire enterprise software development process.

Our experts are well-versed in a broad spectrum of technologies. Microsoft technologies we specialize in include the latest versions of Microsoft SharePoint, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, and .NET development. We also have experts in other technologies such as Oracle and Java. Our consultants also bring strong listening, analytical, project management, and communication skills to the table - factors our clients find as valuable as our technical expertise.

As our company started in corporate technical training, we continue to value knowledge transfer, and we excel at it. We don’t work in a vacuum, but alongside your team, sharing information. Unlike other consultants, our goal is NOT to become a permanent fixture in your company and in your budget. We mark our success when we leave your team able to move forward independently.

Contact information:
  Third Millennium, Inc.
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Phone:   781-259-1700
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Management Team

Talbott Crowell - Chief Architect

Talbott CrowellTalbott Crowell, a Microsoft MVP, is a Solutions Architect who has worked with large and small companies, including Fortune 500 companies. He co-founded ThirdM with Pradeepa Siva in 1996.

Talbott has decades of programming experience, a Computer Science degree from Boston College, and various certifications – including Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MSDBA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for SharePoint (MCTS).

As Chief Architect of ThirdM, Talbott specializes in software architecture and designing software solutions for large enterprises. Solutions designed by Talbott often include Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies.   Follow Talbott on twitter @talbott.  Talbott posts technology articles on his blog, Talbott Crowell's Software Development Blog.

Pradeepa Siva - Director

Pradeepa Siva, one of the original founders of ThirdM, started her career marketing technical books and managing publishing brands. After seven years at Addison-Wesley Publishing and IDG Books, she teamed up with Talbott Crowell to found ThirdM in 1996. Pradeepa is actively involved in ThirdM’s daily business and project management, focusing on resource allocation and value engineering. She brings agility through project management methodologies such as Scrum. Pradeepa earned her ScrumMaster certification from Ken Schwaber, the founder of Scrum.

Pradeepa maintains the ThirdM blog with information about upcoming events hosted by ThirdM such as the very popular SharePoint Saturday.

Al Alper - Principal Consultant

Al Alper started programming in high school, coding Basic on a DEC PDP 11/34. Since then he has spent more than 17 years working with Fortune 500 companies, enterprise systems architecture, application development and technical training. As a subject matter expert for Microsoft, Al is experienced in Vista Development, .NET 2.0 Framework, C#, VB.NET, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0. He recently developed a forward-facing SharePoint 2007 site for Microsoft.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Al enjoys providing custom developer training and mentoring services. Al is the founder of the Boston MCT/Speaker Users group (MCTBoston.org), and often speaks at user groups, technical events and conferences. He was a Lead Technical Learning Guide at Tech Ed 2006, and a Hands-On Lab Proctor at MEDC 2006. His hobby is collecting Microsoft Certifications, and he has passed 70 Microsoft exams.

Greg Silvano - Outsourcing Partner

Gregory Silvano is a senior software developer with over 12 years of development experience. Gregory has been a lead software consultant for companies such as Fidelity Investments, Putnam Investments, Baring Asset Management, Gillette, Osram Sylvania, ZOOTS, Monster.com, and Dunkin Brands. Prior to starting his software career, Gregory was a Drill Sergeant in the US Army Reserves in the 76th Infantry Division.


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